Pool Lessons

Pool Lessons From A Certified Billiards Instructor.

Pool lessons start here. Run racks and Play safe. This is how to play pool the right way.

Do you make a few balls and then miss an easy shot?

Do you make a tough shot worthy of being on ESPN and then dog the next one straight in?

Do you find a way to hide the cue ball behind the only ball left?

Most players will have to answer yes to these questions at least once in a while. Many players experience these things every time they play.

This comes down to a simple matter of lack of focus and doubt on your shot selection.

Have you studied the fundamentals of billiards?

Lets start with the basics. Fill out the form below and take the free 7 part billiards fundamentals training. If you have already studied the fundamentals, take a refresher course.

Once you fill out the form and confirm your email, you will begin getting the training through email. This will also open a chain of communication between me and you.

Fill out the form below and lets advance your pool game now!

Fill out your name and email and then click the link in the confirmation email and the first lesson will be in your inbox.

These Pool Lessons will leave Your Opponent sitting on His chair watching You shoot.

Yes, you read that right. When you study and practice the fundamentals, you will start running the rack when it’s your turn to shoot. This will leave your opponent no choice bur to sit and watch the action.

Won’t it feel great when you know exactly what to do when you step up to the table?

Do you currently have trouble drawing the cue ball back after shooting a ball?

Are you able to make your cue ball follow (Roll Forward) around the table after making a shot?

The answer will be yes to all of the above questions when you study and practice the fundamentals. Practice is the key. Just reading and watching the course will not get the job done. You Must Practice!

This course will show you how to draw, follow, use left and right English for side spin. You will see how to stand, how to hold your cue, and how to deliver a nice smooth stroke on every shot.

The simple fundamentals that you will learn listed in the paragraph above will make all the difference in the world when you apply them to your pool game.

Don’t delay! Fill out the form above and get the FREE Billiards fundamentals course under way now. These Free Pool Lessons are only for a limited time.

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