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Pool Instruction. Start with Basic Billiards Fundamentals and move into Advanced Play.

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If you found this page through search results and You’re looking to learn The fundamentals of pool and Billiards, You came to the right place.

This page is part of a 7 part training course for the Basic Fundamentals. You can follow the link below and enroll for the entire course.

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Part 2 Basic Training Pool Instruction. Billiards Exercises Below.

The first exercises (drill) to practice as stated in the part 2 email training is to

practice stroking your cue and covering the straight line seam of the rail and felt.

Check out the pictures below for a further explanation.

  • Line up Your shot with Pool Cue directly over the seam line as pictured above.
  • Step into the shot. Line Your body up.
  • Take a few practice swings, keeping the Pool Cue directly over the line.
  • Deliver Your Stroke and Follow Through all the way.
  • Practice so that you can cover the seam line all the way and it feels smooth.This drill will get you in the habit of delivering a straight smooth stroke. Practice this daily before you start to use cue ball and object balls.

    The Above Video Gives a Great example of how this Billiard Drill should be carried out

    Now let’s move on to the Pop Bottle Drill. Place an empty clean pop bottle below the head spot on the table. Place this bottle where the cue ball would be if you were holding your bridge hand around the head spot. Follow the diagrams below for further explanation.

Practice this until you can swing your cue straight through the small opening without touching the sides of the bottle. This will get your bridge hand staying still and level and it will keep your stroke swinging smooth and level. Keep Your Head Down and Follow through to the End of Your Stroke.

The Video above illustrates this pool and Billiards Training Drill Nicely.

Follow the Link below for the remainder of our second part training.

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