Pool Game to Play

A Popular Pool Game to Play is 8 Ball. Learn the Break Out Shots Here.

Eight Ball is a cool Pool Game to Play.

Play Pool games the right way and learn to identify the opportunities for the break out shot here. This article applies to 8 ball. These shots work in other games as well as Eight Ball.

This page was designed to compliment the “8 Ball Winning Strategies” book from Pool-Billiards-Game.com.

If you stumbled on this page somehow and have not studied the Free Billiards Fundamentals Course and have not read the 8 Ball Book, You will find links below the video for both.

Below is a short video which I put together demonstrating several break out shots in the game of 8 Ball.

A break out is when one or more of your balls is tied up and you pocket one of your open balls, sending the cue ball into the trouble ball or balls in turn opening the rack so you can clear the table.

Watch the short video and happy Break Out Practice.

As you could probably see from the video, break out shots aren’t that hard. It’s just a matter of getting that natural angle for the cue ball to roll through the trouble balls.

With practice you will find yourself breaking out clusters of balls and playing shape for the run out at the same time. This is all part of learning how to play pool games to the best of your ability.

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When you have a pool game to play, this knowledge gives you a big edge.

If you have studied the 7 part fundamentals or read my book, you know that I am always stressing the importance of practice. Take the lesson on this page for example.

The break out shots are not hard if you know them. The only way you will know them is to set them up on a pool table and practice them.

When you do this simple activity called practice, you will recognize these shots when they come up in the game and you will know how to stroke the shot and spin the cue ball so you can accomplish the successful breakout.


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