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Billiard Pool Games is the 2nd of many new pages coming your way.


How are the many Billiard Pool Games available treating you?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve put out an issue of the Billiards Planet. It’s almost midnight at my house and I am taking the time to publish one now.

There was a pretty good lapse in time between the last time I published a new page on the Pool-Billiards-Game website as well.

There are 2 pretty new pages on the site and many more are planned to come in the near future. The 1st new page is titled Billiard Pool Games. It’s about the numerous pool games out there and there is a link on that page for various games and rules.


BCA Changes Location and Dates for 2013 National Tournament.

Yes the BCA (Billiards Congress of America has changed the location for the 2013 Nationals in Vegas. They are moving from the Riviera Hotel to the Rio. They are also changing the date to July instead of May.

Check the link below for how this will effect local leagues and players.

Check out the 2013 BCA Vegas Schedule Change Here!

Tip Of the Month!

The tip for this month is to remember that competitive pool consists of defense and offense. Good players often play offense with a strategy for putting the cue ball in a position good for their next shot and bad for their opponent in case of an error in pocketing the ball. This holds true for most all Billiard – Pool Games.

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