How to Play Pool

How to Play Pool. Check out the 8 ball pre shot routine.

Learn how to play pool to the best of your ability.

This page is set up as part of the 8 Ball Winning Strategies Book. The video below covers my pre shot routine for 8 ball.

You must know and incorporate the fundamentals of Billiards for the most consistent pool game.

You will find links below the video for the 8 Ball Winning Strategies Book and for the Free Billiards Fundamentals course. in case you found this page by accident and need to catch up.

Enjoy the Eight Ball Pre Shot routine video below.

To sum up the pre shot routine, the steps are as follows.

1. Figure out your pattern for the run or the run up to the safety.

2. Chalk your cue and review your plan

3. Line up on the shot and figure out how to stroke the shot, so you can achieve cue ball position (shape) on your next shot.

4. Get yourself set on the shot, (take a few practice strokes) get comfortable with the shot.

5. Pause on your back swing of the final stroke with your eyes glued to the object ball.

6. Finish with a straight and deliberate stroke.

This Page on How to Play Pool Ties into the Book. "8 Ball Winning Strategies"

I hope you enjoyed the videos above. These videos are part of the material covered in the book “8 Ball Winning Strategies”.

These videos are only a small part of what you will find in the book.

In your quest to learn how to play pool to the best of your abilities, you should read, watch and learn as much content as possible.

Always remember that reading and watching is only the first step. Until you put the knowledge to use through consistent practice, you will not get amazing results.

Yes. You read that right. Good old fashioned practice is what it takes to make the knowledge your own. Practice is how you develop the hand eye coordination to put the knowledge to effective use.

You can Follow this Link and Check Out The Pool Instruction Page.