How to Play Billiards

Run Out Pattern. How to Play Billiards at Your Best.

watch the How to Play Billiards video below and witness a pattern run in rotation.

I know that this video is part of a book about 8 ball. This rotation video is included because it’s a good example of planning and executing an out.

If you have not taken the Free Fundamentals of Billiards course and you are not familiar with the “8 Ball Winning Strategies” book, you will find a couple links below the video that will fill in the blanks.

Keep in mind while watching the video below, that it was taken before my New Hampshire trip. I am not using the long stroke with the pause in this video.

The pattern and staying in line remains the same regardless of stroke.

Enjoy the cool how to play billiards video below.

Even though the example above was not 8 ball, pocketing balls one after the other is the same from game to game. It all comes down to keeping your cue ball in line while you run the rack.

If you didn’t notice, I was keeping the ball at the proper angle so the journey to shape on my next ball would be pretty easy and automatic.

It’s when we get out of line that we have to make the cue ball travel great distances or have to try to make it do some unnatural act.

If you watch some of the best players out there, you will notice that they simply slide from shot to shot without much effort making the game look as easy as pie.

Don’t get me wrong. The pro players miss shots and get out of line the same as everyone else who has ever played pool. The pro players just make the mistakes way less frequently.

Follow this link for a Free How To Play Billiards Fundamental Course.

Follow this link and learn about “8 Ball Winning Strategies”

This link will take you to the dot org version of How to Play Billiards.


Here are a few good books written by a friend of mine. Worth checking them out, follow the link below to check them out.

Check out the book featured in the banner above. My friend and fellow pool player put that together and I think you will find the information to be useful and rewarding. Remember, Knowledge is Power.

The other important thing to remember is that when it comes to shooting pool, knowledge without practice will probably not get you very far. You must practice what you learn.