How to Play Pool. 8 Ball Break

Learn How to Play Pool the Best You Possibly Can. 8 Ball Break.

The How to Play Pool Information continues with 8 Ball breaking action here. Be sure to win when you play pool games.

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Watch the Video below for some cool Eight Ball Breaking Action.

The above video demonstrates the 3 most common breaks used in 8 ball. I hope this helps you out on your quest to play pool games to the best of your ability.

When breaking in 8 ball, my advice is to always strike the ball in the rack which you are aiming for as full as possible. The pause on the back swing of the stroke seems to enhance the break quite nicely for me.

The break is said to be one of the most important shots in the game of pool. I can tell you that many games are won or lost on the break. There are many other shots in Billiards that are just as important.

Stick with this site and study hard and you will know what is required to become a great pool player in no time. It’s time to start running racks and leaving your opponent sitting on the chair.

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