Pool and Billiard Game. Heavy Duty Research, Reveals the True Facts.

Should we head for the pool hall and shoot A game of 9 ball, or would 3 cushion billiards be better?

I did some research late Saturday night or should I say, early Sunday morning? …3:45 AM…

This page is here to provide you with some information and insight, on various pool and billiards activities.

I looked through the pages of Google search and the fist three were all advertising to play online for free. I did not find any good content until the middle of page 4 on the Google search pages.

Remember I am looking for information on the variety of pool & billiards games out there. I am not really looking for on line activity. The bulk of the search results however, were on line.

Have you ever played pool on line? I have not until a few minutes ago. I will be playing some in the near future and I’ll provide a report on the differences found.

On the site where I played, you could aim your cue by pressing the left mouse button and holding it. When your aim is right, you let off the left button and press the right click button. You then pull the cue back and let it fly.

It is probably safe to say that there are thousands upon thousands of sites where you can play pool on line. I even found a site where you could play in money tournaments, or play heads up for cash.

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Pick Your Favorite Billiard Game from the List Below.

Doesn’t the picture of the balls, make you want to grab your cue and play?

It doesn’t matter which pool games you play. Their will be billiards balls of some kind along with a pool cue. (Excluding finger pool and crud.)

Below you will find a list of various games.

We will be adding additional information for each, as quickly as possible.

Carom billiards games

  • 18.1 balkline
  • 18.2 balkline
  • Artistic billiards
  • Cowboy pool (a hybrid carom/pocket)
  • English billiards (a hybrid carom/pocket)
  • Four-ball
  • 5 Pin billiards Italian
  • Straight-rail
  • Three-cushion billiards
  • Yotsudama Pocket billiards
  • 14.1 Continuous (also called Straight pool)
  • Bank pool (banks, nine-ball banks)
  • Bowliards
  • Chicago
  • Chinese eight-ball
  • Cowboy (a hybrid carom/pocket)
  • Cribbage pool
  • Cutthroat
  • Eight-ball (stripes-and-solids, highs-and-lows, blackball)
  • English billiards (a hybrid carom/pocket)
  • Equal offense
  • Flanges
  • Golf pool
  • Indian
  • Irish standard pool
  • Nine-ball
  • One-pocket
  • Pin billiards variants
  • Rotation
  • Russian pyramid
  • Seven-ball
  • Six-pocket
  • Snooker (generally regarded as its own sport, not a pool variant)
  • Speed Pool
  • Straight pool
  • Ten-ball
  • Three-ball
  • Zone ball (a commercial patented/trademarked product) Obstacle billiards
  • Bagatelle
  • Bar billiards
  • Bumper pool Cueless developments
  • Finger pool
  • Crud Which Activities above sound the most fun for you?


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Have you ever played 8 ball online?

Have you played any kind of pool on line?

It can be fun and a good way to pass the time. It can help you develop a good eye for putting balls in the pockets.

If you have never played pool online, the I recomend that you at least give it a try.