Dr Cue Pool Tournament

Dr Cue Pool Tournament Pueblo Colorado 2008.

The 14th consecutive Dr Cue Pool tournament was held in Pueblo Colorado again this year on the last weekend of March.

All the tough action was present from Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver and even New Mexico. Billiards at it’s finest held at the Classic Cue pool hall.

This tournament is held annually and one of the Pueblo Ladies teams uses the event for a fund raiser which helps them out with cash for the BCA (Billiards Congress of America) National 8 ball tournament held in May. (Las Vegas NV)

The good Dr. (Tom Rossman) Cue shows up every year and plays in the event. He has won it once or twice over the 14 years and we have a few players from Pueblo with 2 wins as well.

Check out some video form one of the matches in the semi finals.

The Picture features the final 8 players in the tournament. There was still a long row to hoe. (As we say on the farm)

Being in the final 8 means the toughest and most grinding play still lies ahead. This is where all the players bear down ant turn on the A game. There is no room for mistakes when the tourney gets to this stage.

This tournament starts with the Dr. Cue Trick Shot Show on Friday night. Competitive play starts Saturday morning and runs through Sunday.

This is a tough tournament, drawing players from all over Colorado and surrounding states. Everyone looks forward to this event every year around April.

This is a great time of year for the tournament because it’s right after our local league ends and it’s a good way to prepare for the Nationals in Las Vegas. Most players in the DR. Cue Tournament play in at least one of the major national pool tournaments in Las Vegas.


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