Billiards Games and How to Play them

Billiards Games 8 Ball to One Pocket and all the games inbetween.

Billiards Games and How to Play them.

Discover the many games available when it comes to the pool table.

What is your favorite pool game?

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How Many Billiards Games are there?

Below is a partial list of the most popular.

  • 8 Ball
  • 9 Ball
  • 7 Ball
  • 5 Ball
  • 3 Ball
  • Straight Pool (14.1)
  • One Pocket
  • Balk Line
  • Bowliards
  • Bank Pool
  • 3 Cushion Billiards (No Pockets)
  • Snooker
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The list gets much longer when you throw in many of the off the beaten path pool games.

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It doesn’t matter which pool game you are playing. Knowing the fundamentals will boost you to a higher level of play.

You start a building with the foundation and you learn how to play pool the same way. Starting with the fundamentals will make you a top notch pool player quick.

There is nothing better than the confidence you have when you know you are playing the right way.

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Have you ever been playing Eight Ball, ran all the balls and then choked on the 8 ball straight in?

Do you step up to the pool table, look at the spread on the rack and wonder which ball to shoot first?

Do you sometimes feel like you know what to do, but you don’t have the knowledge to execute the action?

Learn and Practice the Fundamentals and you cant start saying no more to the questions above.

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