Billiard Pool Games

Billiard Pool Games Come in Many Varieties.

What Billiard Pool Games do you like the best? Is it 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 14-1 Straight Pool, One Pocket, Bowlliards, or one of the other many pool games?

Eight Ball and Nine Ball are by far the most popular. 9 Ball for the pro players and 8 Ball by far the most popular for casual and recreational pool players.

One pocket and straight pool have made a comeback over the past few years with the pros playing in many of these events throughout the world. 3 Cushion Billiards is even getting quite a bit more attention these days.

I have played in the ACS Nationals the last couple years in Vegas and there is a 3 Cushion Billiards event there at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Talk about spinning the ball with massive English. 3 cushion bank pool will blow your mind.

Check out this link for ino and rules on many Billiard Pool Games!

I enjoy playing most Billiard Games. They are all unique and each requires their own strategy and skill set. My favorite game would have to be 9 Ball or 10 Ball if playing a ring game with multiple players. I find 14-1 Straight pool to be a great way to work out stamina and repeated shot making. When you can run multiple racks in this game you are hitting the balls straight and your cue ball is on a string.One pocket will test your safety skills and your patience. Be careful however. Just when you are feeling the game is slow and boring, your opponent could run out if you slip up on your defense. Defense is a big part of pretty much any Pool Game. Keep an eye peeled for some great info on safeties which I will be putting on line in the near future.

Billiard Pool Games will make you concentrate and focus like almost no other sport.

I would encourage you to learn and play as many billiard games as you can. Each type of pool game will have it’s own set of skills required for you to play and win consistently. The more games you know the better your over all skills will be. Remember, knowledge is power.

I have heard that a top billiards player is equal to a brain surgeon when it comes to a steady hand eye coordination and pin point accuracy. When you think about it, you are sending one round object into another and only a tiny piece of each ball makes contact. Put a little English (side spin) on the ball and precision is a must.