8 Ball Pool Online

8 Ball Pool Online. Learn the Defensive side of your 8 Ball Game.

Mastering 8 Ball Pool On Line Course! Shine new light on your 8 Ball Game when you learn to plan and play safe mastering the art of keeping control of the pool table.

This page is part of my “8 Ball Winning Strategies” book. If you have not taken the Free Billiards fundamentals course and have not read the 8 Ball Winning Strategies book, You will find links below the video so you can take advantage of decades of experience neatly presented and ready for your viewing.

Like any sport, billiards consists of offense and defense. Now if you play 8 ball down at the local bar and your opponents play bar rules, subjects such as defensive play or safeties usually will not come up.

If you play any kind of organized pool – billiards league or tournament, ball in hand rules will usually apply and defense, (safe shots) become a big part of the game.

A skilled defensive player can take control of a game once it is their turn by properly executing a safety if there are no good runs on the table. A good rule to play by is to first consider the safeties on the table, once you have done so, only then should you look for your shot/s. By doing this each time you play it will eventually become second nature. The purpose for this practice is to avoid getting too caught up in your offense thereby neglecting a proper defensive strategy.

Check out the video below for some good examples of potential safeties for your next games. Keep in mind the number 1 rule for playing a safety… You must contact one of your balls first and any ball has to contact a rail after that.

Hitting one of your balls too soft and no balls hitting the rail after contact, is a foul and gives your opponent cue ball in hand giving them the upper hand and potentially the game.

A safety can make or break you in a game of 8 Ball or just about any other billiards game, so remember to analyze your safeties then shots to give yourself the best possible offense and defense. I hope you are enjoying this 8 ball pool on line course.

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