8 Ball

8 Ball Rack the Rack.

8 Ball Racking Secrets. Check out the video below for some live examples of how to rack the balls. Discover new ideas about how to play billiards games.

[side note] This page was built specifically for the racking section of the “8 Ball Winning Strategies” book. If you found this page through a search engine or link from someone or somewhere, you will find information about how to get the book below the video. There is also a link for a Free Billiards Fundamentals Course. [end side note]

This is just one of many updates which will be coming to you in your Eight Ball Winning Strategies Lifetime Updates. I hope the video gives you some insight in How to Rack the Balls for Eight Ball.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

I am working on picking up another camera and getting some close up shots of where the cue strikes the cue ball on many of the shots. Through editing, I should be able to eliminate the scenes where my back is blocking the camera.

Remember to keep practicing what you read and watch. Your brain and body need to learn how to execute the shots. The only way to do this is Practice.

I am working on an update to the book right now which involves ways to avoid the loss of game from pocketing the Eight Ball Early. Many games are lost with reckless shots causing the 8 to roll out of control.

I will always send an email to the life time updates list which will let you know exactly when and where these updates are located. The book and the website are and will always be a work in Progress.

I am here to help you learn Eight Ball and any other Billiards Games that you might need help with. If you own the book, you also have the email support. Send me your questions and comments. Let me know if it’s OK to include in the update letters.

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