2013 BCA Vegas

2013 BCA Vegas Nationals Schedule Change

The 2013 BCA Vegas Nationals has changed locations and dates. The BCA Pool League will hold the 2013 National Championships in July instead of May and the tourney will be held in the Rio Hotel and Casino instead of the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

I think this will be a nice change. The Riviera is getting old and run down. The restaurants did not even stay open all night anymore on the trip I made back in May. The hotel is short staffed and tired.

The Rio is a nice hotel and much more up beat and modern. The Rio is how ever on the south end of the Las Vegas strip off Tropicana and I have found from attending the ACS tourney, that prices are much higher down there.

Check out the 2013 BCA Vegas Nationals Schedule HERE!

Here in Pueblo Colorado we play the BCA pool league on Thursday nights from September through April. We play the ACS league on Monday nights for about the same duration. Moving the 2013 BCA Vegas tournament to July means schedule changes for our league as well.

If we keep our league running from September to April, we will be sitting out for 2 months before the nationals. This could hurt our performance and momentum. I’ll bet there will be some schedule changes for our local BCA (Billiards Congress of America) pool league.

The ACS (American Cue Sports) has held there National Tournament at the Tropicana in Las Vegas for the past 2 years. The ACS tourney runs the week before the BCA tournament on it’s old schedule.

Check Out The 2013 ACS Vegas Nationals Here

The ACS is keeping with the old schedule. This means that to play in both events, we will have to make 2 trips to Vegas as opposed to 1 long trip as in the past 2 years. I was there 16 days.

The new schedule will require 2 trips of 7 to 10 days each. Nice to break up the expenses of the rooms and meals, but the transportation costs double. My Navigator took $400 in fuel to make the round trip drive, back in May.

The APA Masters tournament is held in August. Attending all 3 would mean $1200 in fuel over a 90 day period, 2700 miles on my vehicle and mucho money on rooms and living expenses. This is why I am skipping the APA Masters this year in 2012.

2013 BCA Vegas Nationals in July Equals Hot Weather. Pueblo Players Bummed Out.

The players here in Pueblo think it’s hot when we play the nationals in May. We hate to think about the heat in mid July. It is the desert you know.

My opinion on this matter is to simply stay in the Casino where the temp is kept on the chilly side and stay out of the heat. Simple solution, don’t you think?

Update on tournament

The tournament went well. The weather in Vegas was brutal hot. The temp in the Rio Hotel and Casino was nice. I won several matches in the singles and made it to the big board. (That means a check to cash)

Our team did not do any good at all.

Pictured below are Baron Mauro in the middle with Pro pool players Johnny Archer on the left and Dennis Hatch on the right. They all played in the 2013 BCA National pool tournament.